I'm a self taught photographer with a western ag lifestyle! I cover all things Livestock Photography; from Ranch + Farms, Livestock Show + Jackpots, Sale Photos and Dog photography! I also love working with Families, Couples, Portraits and more!

Being behind the camera has become a creative outlet for me and I love capturing all the memories for myself and others! My editing style adapts to different session and job types and I love learning and playing around in lightroom and bringing the photos to life!


Utah State Jr Livestock Show

"Some amazing photos. Thank you Mallory for your hard work all week!
If you haven't checked out Mallory's pictures from the show, take a look. There are some great shots here!"

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Jonah Wing

"Hey I just wanted to say thank you for taking on Utah and bringing light to the show ring and taking shots at some of the fun shows in your state. You have a thankless job sometimes and especially with starting it up in a state where what you're doing isn't very common. Very cool to see you are doing this, keep up the good work."

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