I am an attentive and efficient photographer living my western ag lifestyle! I cover all things Livestock Photography; from Ranch + Farms, Livestock Show + Jackpots, Sale Photos and Dog photography! I also love working with Families, Couples, Portraits and more!

Being behind the camera is a creative outlet for me and I love capturing all the memories for myself and others! My editing style adapts to different session and job types and I love learning and playing around in lightroom and bringing the photos to life!

hey Y'all, I'm Mallory!

I am so happy you're here and I can't wait to get to know you and hear about your interests. First, let me introduce myself! Visit the "About Me" tab below!

Livestock Show Testimonials

Utah State Junior Livestock Show

"Some amazing photos. Thank you Mallory for your hard work all week!
If you haven't checked out Mallory's pictures from the show, take a look. There are some great shots here!"
Utah State Junior Livestock Show
Spanish Fork, Utah

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Client Testimonials

Justin Gorman GitRDone Showpigs

"Well WORTH it! When Seth Worthington and Mallory Sorensen Worthington made the drive out to AZ to get the herd pictured for the catalog, not sure if they knew it’d be 110 degrees. Picturing pigs is a task full. The one behind the lens is the navigation system and the set up person is the driver. This teams combination of talent and art GotRDone. With their friendship and skills we reached the destination. Rebels for sure. Thank you!"

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